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FemCreme 2 oz. from Pure Essence Labs

FemCreme 2 oz.
By Pure Essence Labs
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FemCreme Description

As the benefits of natural progesterone become better known, progesterone cremes are proliferating rapidly. But, as with all things, the quality of such cremes varies widely.Most, for example, contain chemicals that health conscious consumers would rather avoid;few provide meaningful levels of supporting herbs; and many fail to disclose the amounts of progesterone they provide.FemCremeT, however, is different. Each ounce provides exactly 480mg of natural, USP progesterone, and an exquisite blend of classic herbs for total feminine balance, including the precise amount of standardized black cohosh recommended by the German "Kommission E" (40mg. per day), and all with no synthetics or petrochemicals.In short, FemCremeT is the cleanest, purest, most complete and most effective natural progesterone creme available anywhere, and is, as with all Pure EssenceT products, guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.

FemCreme Additional Notes

For complete feminine harmony. 100% Chemical Free

FemCreme Ingredients

Each ounce of FemCremeT provides 480mg. of Micronized, Natural USP Progesterone, and 400mg. of 2.5%, Standardized Black Cohosh, in a base of:Purified Water, Safflower Oil, Vetgetable Glycerin, Vitamins C & E, Cetyl Alcohol, Sorbitan Palmitate and Polysorbate 40(combinations of naturally occurring sugars and fatty acid esters); Wild Yam Extract; Almond, Jojoba, Sesame and Avocado OIls; Extracts of Red Raspberry, Nettles, Chaste Tree, Dong Quai, Blue Cohosh, Damiana, Irish Moss, Siberian Ginseng, Burdock Root, Hops, Uva Ursi, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm, Squaw Vine, Yellow Dock and Tansy; St. John's Wort Oil; Sargassum Sea Minerals; Peach Oil; Alantoin (from Aloe); Citrus Seed extract.

FemCreme Recommended Use

Massage 1/4 teaspoon, twice daily, into thin tissue areas of skin. For more specific suggestions, consult usage guidelines inside package.